Tyndall Air Force Base Drone Facility

This design proposal is for a Subscale Drone Facility on Tyndall Airforce Base, located in Panama City, FL. Destroyed by hurricane Michael in 2018, the Air Force has since put together a strategic plan for reconstruction.

Tyndall Air Force Base Drone Facility

The design revolves heavily around three main AIA COTE 10 measures: Change, Wellness, and Resources. Significant moments where we aim to showcase these measures are in the adaptability and resiliency of a fully mass timber building (Change), a staff bar that hovers above the workspaces, fully designed to promote occupant health and well-being (Wellness), and the integration of additive manufacturing not only within the drones, but in the connection points and construction of the building itself (Resources).

Read the full description in the SCA Magazine


Students: Cora Butler and Garrett Schappell
School: Clemson University
Location: Panama City, FL

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