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The community of AIASC Members includes AIA architects, associates, design firm professionals, allied members working in design and building industries, and other allied members who share professional relationships with architects.

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Member recognition

We regularly recognize proven leaders in organization and community involvement, advocacy, and industry knowledge.

1913    Charles C. Wilson
1915    Albert W. Todd
1917    E.D. Sompayrac
1919    H. Olin Jones
1921    N.G. Walker
1923    J.D. Newcomer
1925    Haskell H. Martin
1928    George E. Lafaye
1929    J.B. Urquhart
1930    Albert Simons
1935    Samuel Lapham
1937    Whitney Cunningham
1938    H.D. Harrall
1940    G. Thomas Harmon
1941    Heyward S. Singley
1946    James C. Hemphill
1947    Walter F. Petty
1949    William G. Lyles
1950    C. Hardy Oliver
1951    William E. Freeman, Jr.
1953    William A. Carlisle

1954     Herndon M. Fair
1955    John M. Lambert
1956    Robert I. Upshur
1957    Louis M. Wolff
1958    John M. Mitchell, Jr.
1959    A. Hugh Chapman
1960    Homer D. Blackwell
1961    William S. Dowis
1962    Ralph McPherson
1963    H. Reid Hearn, Jr.
1964    John W. Weems
1965    F. Earle Gaulden
1966    Harold J. Riddle
1967    Phelps H. Bultman
1968    Ladson D. Tankersley
1969    T.J. Bissett
1970    Frank E. Lucas
1971    Joseph L. Young
1972    Frank D. Hemphill
1973    Richard A. McGinty
1974    H. Harold Tarleton

1975    Robert B. Cannon
1976    Kirk R. Craig
1977    Peter A. McKellar
1978    James L. Thomas
1979    Don E. Golightly
1980    W. Daniel Beaman
1981    Wrenn M. Creel
1982    Howard D. Moormann
1983    Jakie H. Lee
1984    Robert H. Kennedy, Jr.
1985    Marshall F. Clarke
1986    William T. Davis
1987    Gayland B. Witherspoon
1988    Jeffrey M. Rosenblum
1989    Sidney W. Stubbs
1990    W. Douglas Corkern
1991    James A. Neal
1992    Samuel L. McCleskey
1993    Myles T. Glick
1994    Thompson E. Penney
1995    Lynn G. Craig

1996    Charles J. Hultstrand
1997    Brooks R. Prince
1998    Thomas J. Hund
1999    Michael P. Keeshen
2000    Barbara M. Price
2001    D. Wayne Rogers
2002    Edward T. Zeigler
2003    P. Douglas Quackenbush
2004    Mary Beth Branham
2005    Eric C. Aichele
2006    Samuel B. Herin
2007    J. Michael Taylor
2008    Michael S. Watson
2009    Steven H. Coe
2010    Linna Jane Frederick
2011    Todd D. Reichard
2012    David R. Moore
2013    Luke E. McCary
2014     Amy E. Souder
2015     Charles A. Riley
2016     Jim Hubbard

The FIRM award is given in recognition of a firm’s design excellence, significant body of work and/or continuity of service to the public that has made a lasting influence on the practice of architecture in South Carolina.

1993    Craig Gaulden Davis
1995    LS3P Associates Ltd.
1997    Neal Prince Architects
2001    Stevens & Wilkinson
2004    Stubbs Muldrow Herin, Architects, Inc.
2006    Schmitt Walker Architects, Inc.
2008    Thomas & Denzinger Architects
2014    Watson Tate Savory
2016    liollio architecture
2017    Frederick + Frederick Architects

1993     Harlan McClure, FAIA, College of Architecture, Clemson
1995     Earle Gaulden, FAIA, Craig Gaulden & Davis, Inc.
1997     Frank Lucas, FAIA, LS3P Associates Ltd.
1999     James Neal, FAIA, Neal-Prince & Partners Architects, Inc.
2001     Kirk R. Craig, FAIA, Craig Gaulden & Davis, Inc.
2004     James Lee Thomas, FAIA
2005     Sidney Stubbs, FAIA, Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects, Inc.
2006     Gayland Witherspoon, FAIA

2007     Thompson E. Penney, FAIA
2008     Professor Emeritus Peter R. Lee, AIA Emeritus
2009     Jeffrey M. Rosenblum, FAIA
2010     Edward T. Zeigler, Jr., FAIA
2011     John David Jacques, AIA
2012     Charles Hultstrand, AIA
2013     Lynn Craig, FAIA
2014     James F. Barker, FAIA

An award beginning in 2005, the Presidential Citations are awarded for outstanding efforts by individuals in service to the profession in the areas of Advocacy, Knowledge, and Community.

John H. Bryan, Hon. AIA; Phelps Bultman, AIA; Earle Gaulden, FAIA; James L. Thomas, FAIA; Peter McKellar, AIA; Stephen A. Russell, AIA; Lynn Craig, AIA, RIBA; H. Clayton Gandy, AIA.

Mike Ruegamer, AIA; Michael Watson, AIA; Robbie McClam, AIA; AIA Columbia; Richard T. Bynum, Jr., AIA.

Jose Caban, AIA; Lindsey Gertz Moore, Director of the South Carolina Mayor’s Institute for Community Design.

Eric Aichele, AIA; Lynn Craig, AIA, RIBA; Tracey Waltz; Jeffrey Rosenblum, AIA; Thomas B. Benjamin, Assoc. AIA; Frank Lucas, FAIA.

AIA Hilton Head; AIA Grand Strand; Robin Prince, AIA; Ed Zeigler, AIA.

Keith L. Sanders, AIA; Alexander C. James.

AIA Charleston; AIA Greenville; Gregory A. Soyka, AIA.

Scott W.G. Crichton, AIA; James M. Hubbard, AIA; Tracey B. Waltz.

David Allison, FAIA; Helen Darby-Byce, AIA; Byron Edwards, AIA;  Marc Marchant, AIA; Todd Reichard, AIA; Steve Goggans, AIA; Tripp Riley, AIA; Meg Terry, AIA; Dr. Bill Carpenter, FAIA; Jan Bull Simpson, Lynn Craig, FAIA, RIBA; Jane Frederick, FAIA; Greg Soyka, AIA.

Benjamin Ward, AIA; Greg Beste, AIA; William Blount Shepard, AIA.

Dennis Blaschke, AIA; Lynn Craig, FAIA; Jeffrey Rosenblum, FAIA; Jane Frederick, FAIA; Adrienne Montare, AIA; Dan Scheaffer, AIA; Katherine Schwennsen, FAIA; Tracey Waltz.

Andy Clark, AIA; Dan Scheaffer, AIA

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