The Elevation campaign—one of AIASC’s most important initiatives of the last 100 years—gives us two powerful new advocacy tools: a Center for Architecture and new Statewide Programs.

The Center For Architecture

The new Center for Architecture places design front and center—in the political heart of South Carolina—steps from the State House. From this physical hub, AIASC will be your voice—educating lawmakers and promoting a legislative agenda built on safety and sustainability.

In ways we could never do without a physical presence, the Center will explain the connection between our work and the places we cherish. For years to come, it will be a powerful tool we can use to make our case to the public and to the lawmakers who create policy.

AIASC Capital Campaign

Why Columbia, South Carolina?

Prominently situated on Columbia’s Main Street and steps from the State House, the Center for Architecture is a place of advocacy and education – for our members, community leaders, legislators, and the general public.

Only by locating the Center in Columbia can we take full advantage of proximity to our lawmakers and a location that is the most accessible to all our members.

  • “At the state level, advocacy is AIASC’s most important function, both legislative advocacy and design advocacy to the general public.
    — Andy Clark AIA, Liollio Architecture and 2018 AIASC President
  • “When we come together, we convey the subtle message: trust the expertise of an architect.”
    — Doug Quackenbush AIA, Quackenbush Architects, Campaign Steering Committee Chair
  • “The design exemplifies how a simple, disciplined, economical solution is often both the most striking and the most accommodating.” 
    — Luke McCary AIA, Pond Company and AIA SAR Regional Representative
  • “When we engage the average person in conversation around place, architecture, and what makes a city livable, we raise the profile of our profession.”
    — Kate Schwennsen, FAIA
  • “The Center for Architecture will become a cultural destination in downtown Columbia—not just for architects, but for anyone interested in art and good design.”
    — Matt Kennell, CEO, City Center Partnership in Columbia
AIASC Capital Campaign

Statewide Programming

The Elevation campaign’s second priority is new statewide programming—essential if we want to shift perception through public advocacy.

Shifting Perceptions

Funding from the Elevation campaign will allow us the opportunity to promote evidence-based design and improve the profession through documented case studies and research. 

The Elevation campaign will stage carefully coordinated public events across the state that establish architects as partners. These events will draw in the public as never before and demonstrate—through case studies, design exhibitions, and national speakers—the architect’s value. 

Educating Decision-Makers

Together, we can educate decision-makers on the science behind good design. 

We can highlight studies that found students in classrooms with larger and more south-facing windows performed better in math and logic tests. Exhibitions like Kids in Architecture: Pop-Up Atelier—the full-scale interactive exhibit staged at seven children’s museums across South Carolina—will be commonplace. 

By The Numbers

We know from AIA Client Insight Reports that decision-makers are looking for architects to be trusted partners
who listen, work collaboratively, and provide expertise.

The report showed decision-makers want architects to:

bring expertise in-house 88%
develop innovative project solutions 82%
serve as their advocate throughout the project 80%

The Elevation campaign will fund community events across the state. These programs will shape public perception and elevate the value of our work to clients and decision-makers.

Steering Committee

Chair: Doug Quackenbush, AIA, Quackenbush Architects + Planners

John Brandon, ADC Engineering

Mary Beth Branham, AIA, LS3P

Andy Clark, AIA, Liollio Architecture

Steve Goggans, AIA, SGA | NarmourWright Design

Joe Pazdan, AIA, McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

Bill Pelham, AIA, Pelham Architects

Derrick Mozingo, AIA, Mozingo + Wallace

Brandon Rogers, AIA, Catalyst Architects

Wayne Rogers, AIA, Catalyst Architects

Ben Rook, FAIA, Design Strategies

Dan Scheaffer, AIA, LS3P

Todd Sease, AIA, Jumper Carter Sease Architects

Meg Terry, AIA, DP3 Architects

Steve Usry, AIA, UWPD Architecture

Ed Zeigler, FAIA, Craig Gaulden Davis

AIASC Capital Campaign

Elevation Campaign

The Elevation campaign will improve the value of the physical asset at 1530 Main Street while giving us a new tool to achieve our mission.

It also becomes a revenue opportunity for AIASC through rental income. AIASC’s intention is to always be good stewards and exercise fiduciary responsibility for our members. The new Center for Architecture accomplishes this goal.


Building Renovations


Consulting Services


Project Contingency


Statewide Programming

$1.1M Total

We need your support.

Just as architects create elevations to cast our vision, we invite you to elevate architecture.


Advocacy—among our public and our lawmakers—is more important than ever before. Only through education and outreach can we steer our future before it’s too late.


With your support of the campaign, we will create an architectural legacy built by a public and a legislature that better understands and appreciates good design.

Thank You Campaign Donors

William H. Pelham, AIA/Pelham Architects, LLC

Design Strategies, LLC

Rebecca M. and Benjamin Rook, FAIA


Contract Construction

Garvin Design Group

Hood Construction

Jumper Carter Sease Architects

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

Quackenbush Architects + Planners

Stevens & Wilkinson

Thompson Turner Construction

ADC Engineering

Eric C. Aichele, AIA

Architrave, LLC


Mary Beth Sims Branham, AIA

Catalyst Architects

Craig Gaulden Davis

DP3 Architects

Liollio Architecture

LS3P Associates LTD

Mozingo + Wallace

Pond & Company

RMF Engineering

Adrienne Montare, FAIA and Tom Savory, FAIA

SGA | NarmourWright Design

Thorburn Associates


Triangle Construction

UWPD Architecture

Watson Tate Savory

1X1 Design

Dustin Albright, AIA

Cindy Benjamin, AIA and Brad Benjamin, AIA

Wendy Bertani Bergmann, AIA

James Broadhurst, Century 21

Clancy + Wells

Andy Clark, AIA

Williston Dye, FAIA

Fuller Group, LLC

Gabler Youngston

Gene Bell, AIA

Gretchen Lambert, AIA


F. Earle Gaulden, FAIA

Margie Longshore, AIA

Glenn Matthieson

James Ogden, AIA

R. Justin Patterson, Assoc. AIA

Robyn F. Rogers, AIA

Brian Sanders, AIA

Daniel J. Scheaffer, AIA

Shepard and Associates

Carl Sobocinski, Table 301 Restaurant Group

Mark Thomas, Carolina Architectural Products

Steven A. Usry, AIA in honor and memory of Susan Usry

Killough H. (Chip) White, AIA Emeritus