Advocating for Architecture

Meeting with your Representative or Senator at home in your district can have a significant impact on your legislator’s vote.

The only organization representing the interests of architects in SC.

As the sole voice of the architectural profession in the state, with over 900 members, AIASC can have significant influence over state-level policymaking. We meet a daily challenge of regulatory issues such as licensure, professional liability, public safety, code adoption and taxation that can result in legislation that negatively impacts our livelihood.

Strategy & Initiatives

AIASC will facilitate effective dialogue among and between AIA members—collectively and individually. We will also engage the public to promote a better built environment, expanded influence of the architect in society, and a healthy future for the profession.

SCA Magazine

SC Architecture magazine is the Southeast’s only architectural publication. Grow your business, improve sales and visibility in your target market by advertising in SCA, the award-winning magazine.


AIASC Website

aiasc.org serves as a portal for our members to digitally connect. We link our local chapters to each other, the AIA national website, and aiasc.org provides a platform for promoting our values through effective dialog.



The co-chairs of the Equity and Future of Architecture Committee share how architects can further embrace AIA’s values. We’ve begun to turn those values into actionable initiatives focused on inclusion.


Allied Professionals

AIASC supports the efforts to seek relationships with contractors, engineers, landscape architects, and other allied professionals through their respective organizations, lobbying groups, and committees.


Design Awards

The purpose of the Design Awards program is to encourage and recognize distinguished architectural achievement and to raise public awareness of the Architect’s role in shaping the quality of life through design excellence.



AIASC supports the efforts of our lobbyist and director to strengthen our relationship with the Legislation. We offer opportunities to advocate on behalf of the environment, sustainability, and support SC’s local chapters.



AIASC continues to strengthen our dialogue with SC Architectural Board in development of professional conduct and registration law clarifications. We work to promote a better built environment and expanded influence in society.


AIA National

Together, with our members, we advocate for architects, the profession and the built environment at the federal, state, and local levels. Top issues include, Building codes, Career, Communities, Global practice, and Sustainability.


Three Reasons to Get Involved

Architects impact the lives of everyone in the communities they serve.

We've got a lot to give.

The architectural profession employees more than 275,000 Americans and it is part of the design/construction industry, which represents 8–10 percent of the U.S. economy. Architects need a strong voice on a wide range of issues from community planning, housing, sustainability, building codes, project delivery, historic preservation, and a wealth of other issues.

We've got a lot to lose.

It is easy to take for granted what has already been earned—architectural practice acts, qualifications based selection for design services, tax provisions for historic preservation and development of abandoned buildings, to name a few—but all of this work can be undone by a legislator who is unaware of the purpose of these important victories of the past.

We need to be heard.

Through the AIA, architects have a unified voice on the business and design issues important to all of us. AIA is a vibrant community of architecture and industry professionals that are transforming the profession. Members enjoy access to industry-best benefits, products and services that support practice and professional development. Join 90,000 professionals today…

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