2022 SAR Architecture For Health Annual Conference
Friday, August 26, 2022

2022 AIA-AAH South Atlantic Region (SAR) Chautauqua 12.0 is a unique one-day conference for healthcare architects, engineers and designers, health system representatives, and select suppliers.

Beyond COVID, What Now?

Join us for the 2022 SAR Chautauqua at the The AC Hotel, Greenville SC.

AIA South Atlantic Region

COVID has proven to be one of the greatest disrupters in healthcare since WWII. It resulted in a new kind of surge event. The Pandemic placed enormous burdens on the healthcare system overall, the supply chain, and the healthcare workforce. Healthcare organizations and care providers had to quickly adapt their facilities to an unprecedented demand for isolating patients, emergency and critical care. The healthcare workforce, already suffering from a shortage of care providers, is now seeing the additional exodus of personnel who are burned out from their experiences over the past two years.

The need for an increased focus on mental health for both patients and staff has become even more apparent.

  1. So how do we move forward?
  2. What will be the new normal in Healthcare.
  3. What role can improved healthcare environments play in enabling greater flexibility for an expanded definition of a surge event?
  4. How can better design help support operational efficiency and effectiveness while creating settings that better support the needs and ease the burden on both patients and staff?

These are the questions we hope to explore at the 2022 conference which will include sessions on:

  • A Keynote by Brian Alexander, author of The Hospital, on the increasing threats to community hospitals.
  • Addressing the increasing need for behavioral and mental health
  • Addressing staff satisfaction and wellbeing through better healthcare settings
  • How has the ED changed in response to a new kind of surge and changing population needs
  • Speakers panel discussion on healthcare beyond COVID

The 12th Annual South Atlantic Regional Architecture + Health Chautauqua is aligned with the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH), a knowledge community of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Our goal is to bring national caliber content to regional practitioners unable to attend the larger national conferences. This unique one-day conference historically attracts between 80-120 healthcare architects, engineers, designers, health system representatives, and select material suppliers to engage in dialogue about the latest, relevant trends in the healthcare design industry. The inspiration for this smaller scale more intimate event stems from the idea of a Chautauqua.

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